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Created for AEM developers by AEM developers, AEM IDE is the IntelliJ Platform plugin that will help you to improve your .

Created by AEM Developers

From AEM Developers to AEM Developers

Quick to Start

Install the plugin and let it scan your project to detect AEM directories. There is no need to configure anything except your AEM version.

Coding Assistance

Write code blazingly fast thanks to code completion, live templates, code inspections, refactoring support, and more.

AEM Version Aware

Every plugin feature is an AEM version aware, so all docs and code assistance are adjusted precisely for the AEM version you are using.


Learn AEM faster thanks to the quick docs always available under the cursor. In addition, our docs contain easy-to-understand examples.

The Investment That Returns.
In Hours.

AEM IDE brings the same outstanding development experience you know from IntelliJ IDEA, WebStorm, and other famous JetBrains' IDEs 👌 The excellent code completion and built-in documentation will boost your productivity to the level you didn't dream about 🚀 Advanced code inspections will protect you against introducing nasty bugs, giving you feedback while writing the code 🧑‍💻
Just sit back and focus on doing actual work with fun 🤩

See It In Action

Code completion

Boost your productivity with smart code completions and live templates.

  • Advanced support for HTL files
  • Full Java support in HTL files, including Use classes, deep hierarchies, and generics
  • Sling resource types in Java, HTL, XML, and JSON files

Code inspections

Improve your employer and client satisfaction by making your code safer, faster, and easier to maintain.

  • XSS inspections in HTL
  • Unused or unnecessary code fragments warnings
  • Good practices suggestions

Docs always at hand

Don't waste time for checking docs on Adobe or Sling websites or for manual navigating to classes definitions.

  • Full Javadoc support in HTL files
  • HTL docs with detailed examples for easier understanding
  • Innovative data-sly-template docs support

Used by People Like You

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Lucjan Rudziak photo
Lucjan Rudziak
AEM Developer
I think it's the best plugin for AEM on the market right now. Installed it to check it out, and now I can't imagine working without it. It might not seem like much, but simple features like HTL support really make a difference.
Raman Subramanian photo
Raman Subramanian
AEM Developer
You can use a manual or cordless screwdriver. With this plugin, I feel I'm using the latter. It's a huge time saver. Great job 👍
Tomasz Szymulewski photo
Tomasz Szymulewski
AEM Lead Developer
I didn't realize how many issues we had in our code until I installed this plugin. As a result, we cleaned our project from redundant code and reduced the number of comments about tiny mistakes in pull requests.
Arkadiusz Czarnowski photo
Arkadiusz Czarnowski
AEM Developer
Great plugin overall. Just install it and take for granted what was an advanced feature before. What's more, when I reported a bug, it was fixed and released within literally 2 hours.
Piotr Iwaniuk photo
Piotr Iwaniuk
AEM Developer
It provides a nice set of features, and it doesn't get in the way. For me - perfect.
Adam Bieńkowski photo
Adam Bieńkowski
AEM Developer
AEM seemed to me like a popular enough system that it should already have a good deal of support in IntelliJ IDEA. But only with this plugin, I'm not tripping over my own code. Finally.

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