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Lucjan Rudziak photo
Lucjan Rudziak
AEM Developer
I think it's the best plugin for AEM on the market right now. Installed it to check it out, and now I can't imagine working without it. It might not seem like much, but simple features like HTL support really make a difference.
Raman Subramanian photo
Raman Subramanian
AEM Developer
You can use a manual or cordless screwdriver. With this plugin, I feel I'm using the latter. It's a huge time saver. Great job 👍
Tomasz Szymulewski photo
Tomasz Szymulewski
AEM Lead Developer
I didn't realize how many issues we had in our code until I installed this plugin. As a result, we cleaned our project from redundant code and reduced the number of comments about tiny mistakes in pull requests.
Arkadiusz Czarnowski photo
Arkadiusz Czarnowski
AEM Developer
Great plugin overall. Just install it and take for granted what was an advanced feature before. What's more, when I reported a bug, it was fixed and released within literally 2 hours.
Piotr Iwaniuk photo
Piotr Iwaniuk
AEM Developer
It provides a nice set of features, and it doesn't get in the way. For me - perfect.
Adam Bieńkowski photo
Adam Bieńkowski
AEM Developer
AEM seemed to me like a popular enough system that it should already have a good deal of support in IntelliJ IDEA. But only with this plugin, I'm not tripping over my own code. Finally.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are an individual who is purchasing the plugin using your own funds, then the plan for individual use is right for you. You are free to use the plugin for both personal and commercial projects development. The only limitation is that plugin cannot be funded by any company or organization (both commercial and non-profit). You are allowed to use the plugin on any hardware, including company hardware.

Legal entities, including companies and organizations (both for-profit and non-profit), requiring the software for general commercial use qualify for the plan for organization use. A legal entity may use the software under organization license on any computer, operating system, and by any developer within a legal entity, provided that the total number of concurrent users never exceeds the number of subscriptions purchased by that legal entity.

It is important to note that the plugin license is not connected to the IDE license. It means that if you use a Commercial IDE, you are still allowed to purchase the Personal license of the plugin.

Plugin licensing is consistent with JetBrains products licenses. If the information above is insufficient for you, please check the detailed comparison by JetBrains .

All purchase operations, including payments, invoicing, etc., are handled by the JetBrains Marketplace platform and are out of our control. During the purchase process, you will be definitely in good and trustworthy hands.

You can check the payment methods available to you in your JetBrains Account.

We support all JetBrains IDEs that have support for HTML and/or Java language. If your IDE doesn't support Java language, then Java functionality in the plugin will be disabled. At this moment, we support versions 2019.3+, but due to the high effort required for fixing incompatibility issues for older IntelliJ Platform versions, we will drop support for them if needed. We will do our best to keep support for as old versions as possible. We guarantee to support IDEs 1 year backward.

When you purchase a subscription for 1 year or more, and your subscription period expires, then you will be allowed to use the plugin on a fallback license basis. It will enable you to use the plugin in the exact major version available at the time of purchase. Any minor updates (e.g., bug fixes) will be available to you without any limitations. However, you won't be able to update to the newer major version until you purchase a new subscription.

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