AEM IDE 2020.3.4

  • Inspection: use property syntax for variable property access (eg. ${page.title} instead of ${page.getTitle})
  • Java usages not found/highlighted in HTL when in the same project, but not in dependencies

AEM IDE 2020.3.3

  • Sling resource references in WebStorm throw java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/intellij/ide/highlighter/JavaFileType
  • Parsing invalid paths on Windows throws java.nio.file.InvalidPathException

AEM IDE 2020.3.2

  • HTL files reparsed for a disposed project, resulting in throwing "XYZ is already disposed"
  • Incorrect completions and references for upper-case properties, eg. "ID" in "Tag.getID()"

AEM IDE 2020.3.1

  • XSS-related inspections in HTL
  • Sling resource paths references support in HTL, Java, XML and JSON
  • Java classes and templates paths references support in HTML attributes and HTL strings
  • Custom script bindings/global objects support in HTL
  • Quick documentation support for Java members in HTL
  • Documentation support for data-sly-template
  • Documentation support for HTL block variables
  • References for data-sly-template parameters
  • Complete all HTL expression options in second completion invocation
  • Rewritten all HTL docs for easier understanding
  • IDE restart is not required after changing AEM or HTL version
  • Java class members completed multiple times if contained also in parent classes
  • Only clicked HTL variable occurrence is highlighted, when value is evaluated from expression
  • HTL variables members not resolved after variable renaming
  • 0.0000... is no more falsy in "Unnecessary 'data-sly-unwrap' block" inspection
  • Support for IntelliJ Platform 2018.1

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